Why do I need a Makeup Artist for my event?

Most brides, hopefully, only get married once. And it is one of the single most expensive days of your life. All eyes are on you and you want to look your best! Most photographers charge $2500 and up for their services. You wouldn't want to look back at your pictures and realize they didn't look as good as they could have been. These are the pictures you will have for the rest of your life and on your wall in your home! MUA's are trained and skilled for on camera and HD photography. So you look your best under intense lights, stress, and environment. 


Can you teach me to do my own makeup for my wedding?

Yes I can! I offer private lessons for $85 an hour.



How long does it take to have my makeup done?

For the bride I set aside 1 hour of time, just in case. Bridesmaids etc are about 1/2 hour. It's more then enough time but it gives leeway for touch ups and adjustments.


What's the big deal about airbrushing?

Airbrushing is essential especially if you live in high heat, humidity areas such as Sacramento, Ca. Airbrushing is very light, long lasting and you won't get shiny. A typical airbrushing application can last 12-24 hours.  I use Temptu Pro airbrusing which is a silicone based product that will last a very long time, and has a soft & beautiful appearance.


Do you offer hairstyling?

Yes and no.  I often offer light hairstyling for most of my services.  Just let me know that you are interested in this service and I will quote you on the pricing.  For Bridal, I will do hairstyling on a case by case basis.  Ususally its for very small weddings and only the Bride needs beauty services.  And it depends on the type of hairstyle the bride wants.  I truely believe for your big day you should have an expert for Makeup and an expert for Hair for your beauty team.  I can recommend some amazing stylists for you if you don't already have anyone in mind.  Check out my referal page here.  Or just ask!


Do you offer gift certificates?

YES! Gift Certificates are great for the girl who has everything and deserves something special! And I am such a girly girl that I wrap each one really cute and often offer bonus fun stuff to include with your gift.